Three Things You Must Know About Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Three Things You Must Know About Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are common, and they are often more devastating than other accidents. You have less protection on a motorcycle than in a vehicle, which means a car that strikes you is almost always likely to cause more damage. Many motorcycle accident victims face life-threatening injuries in the catastrophic realm. If you or someone you love is injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s wise to consider contacting a motorcycle accident attorney Annapolis MD to discuss your rights, damages to which you might be entitled, and to discuss your injuries.

The Most Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Head injuries are the most common in motorcycle accidents, and they’re even more common when the driver is not wearing a helmet. Not all states have mandatory helmet laws, and not all drivers feel they need to wear a helmet on their bikes. These injuries often result in brain damage, comas, concussions, and neck injuries that can cause paralysis. Other common injuries include road rash, leg injuries, arm injuries, and muscle damage.

Consequences of Serious Injuries

These injuries are not easily overcome, and many of them are never completely healed. Many victims are unable to return to work a long time while they go through recovery from injuries that required surgery and rehabilitation. Others are unable to return to the same line of work, which might mean you’re unable to earn the same living you earned prior to your injuries. Your injuries might be catastrophic enough you cannot return to work at all, and now your family is left to get by without your income.

You also incur expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, and you can also suffer lack of consortium. This means you and your spouse are no longer able to enjoy the physical aspect of marriage. You are entitled to damages for all of these, and an attorney can help you determine what you might get if you file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused your accident.

You Must Prove Negligence

If someone else caused your accident while you were riding, you could sue them for damages. Their insurance company will likely make you a quick offer for compensation, but you’re not required to take their first offer. It’s wise to spend some time discussing your injuries with your doctor so you have a better idea of what to expect. It’s not always possible to determine what the full extent of your injuries might be until you’re through with surgeries and onto rehabilitation. You must be able to prove the other driver caused the accident, your injuries, and your current situation.

You want to ease the financial burden of your injuries as completely as possible, which is why you might seek damages. The compensation you receive will not change your injuries or give you back the life you once had, but it can ease the new financial stress your family faces in addition to your health. Call an attorney.