The Reasons a Social Security Benefit Application is Denied

The Reasons a Social Security Benefit Application is Denied

Social security disability provides monthly benefits if a person is unable to work. The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires each person to meet specific medical and disability criteria to qualify for benefits. A person may meet all qualifications but be denied benefits. A social security disability attorney chicago il will help an individual before, during and after the application and/or denial process. People are denied for many reasons. However, there are some common reasons why people are denied benefits such as the ones listed below:

The Person’s Disability Isn’t Severe Enough to Need Disability Benefits

There are things that are needed to qualify for benefits. To qualify for social security disability benefits, the SSA must believe that the person has a severe impairment that prevents them from working. It can wrongfully determine that the disability isn’t severe enough to approve disability benefits.

The Person Disability Won’t Last More than 12 Months

To receive disability benefits, a person’s medical condition must last more than 12 months. It may be shorter than 12 months but result in their death. A tragic accident may not result in a permanent medical condition. Thus, the SSA will deny the claim. The SSA will not approve benefits for claims for short-term disabilities.

The Individual Earned Too Much Money

The SSA has limits on who much money you can earn before becoming disabled. If an individual earns money above the substantial gainful activity (SGA), their application may be denied. This has nothing to do with their disability or impairment. The denial is based on the amount of money they made.

The Individual Failed to Follow Therapy Prescribed for Their Permanent Disability

The SSA will deny disability benefits if the person doesn’t follow any prescribed treatment set by their doctor. Prescribed treatment often includes undergoing surgery, attending therapy appointments and taking prescribed medication.
The SSA will approve some application where the applicant missed prescribed treatment. For example, if they have an acceptable medical excuse such as a mental illness, fear of the prescribed surgery or inability to follow the therapy without assistance.

Other Common Reasons for Social Security Benefit Denials

If a person refuses to cooperate with the SSA regarding any part of the process to determine eligibility, their application will be denial. An example of not cooperating is not providing medical records. An application can be denied if the SSA can’t locate the individual. This can happen if they move from the address listed on their application.

Get a Lawyer to Help with an SSI Application or Denial Process

When applying for social security disability, many individuals know they shouldn’t be denied. They may be right. However, the SSA may deny their benefit application anyway. It is useful to understand the reason for the denial. It can be mean the difference between receiving and not receiving benefits. A social security benefits denial doesn’t mean the person will never receive benefits. Anyone denied benefits should contact a social security disability lawyer for help reversing the decision. They will advise them of their rights and how to proceed.