Estate Planning doesn’t have to be difficult

Estate Planning doesn’t have to be difficult

Making the most important decisions in your life can be made easy,
In a world where nothing is for sure and everything changes, it doesn’t hurt to have a little planning and assurance in our life. There are many different ways to do so in life, but one of the more effective ways to find a good estate planning attorney. These attorneys made it their job to focus on bringing you organized help, so you can take further action on how you’re going to plan out the rest of your life in the many different areas.

What is an Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney is a lawyer that specializes in trusts, living wills and Last Will and Testaments. In life, most of these situations can’t be avoided so it’s best to be prepared for them and an attorney can help you with this. If you’re located in the state of Florida a simple search of estate planning attorney tampa fl will bring you to a list of attorneys in the Tampa area that has a long reputable history being successful in finding solutions for their clients in these areas.

What is a Living Will

A living will or what is often times referred to as an advanced health care directive is a legal document that declares a certain person to take care of the decisions that need to be made concerning their health when they get to a state when they can no longer do so. So, when that decision comes around on whether or not the doctors should or shouldn’t pull the plug, this document will specify who will have that responsibility.

What is a Last Will & Testament

A last will and testament is a legal document where the testator (the person requesting) explains exactly how they want their property distributed at the event of their death, through another person that they have deemed fit to make these decisions, this person is called the executor. This document governs the disposition at the time of death and makes legal the authority that the executor has. The executor’s duty is not just to make good on the promises in the will but to also manage all of the real property up until the process is finished.

What is a Trust

A trust can be made up, a bunch of different ways just depending on what your goals and desires for their assets. It’s a fiduciary relationship made up of multiple parties, the trustor, the trustee and the beneficiary. The basic platform for what a trust is and how it works is that a certain party hold current ownership of a particular party or account of money. Upon the death of the person who created that trust, it is then when the trust is then distributed in the exact manner that was agreed upon to do so. The trust was already predetermined on how it would disperse or distribute funds or assets and how they will also manage them. Also, make note that the trust can transfer or distribute assets to an entity as well as a person.