Friday, February 22, 2019

Jim Plante and a Passion for Science and Community

When Jim Plante began to develop a firm footing in science and investing about 30 years ago, he had little idea of where it would all end up. Flash-forward three decades and Plante is revitalizing old discussions around still-occurring principles of science and investing. His efforts have encouraged new discussions combining genetic science with thoughtful conversations. He hopes to keep these conversations progressive, while also making sure his investors can effectively grow from it.

Technology and Business

The genetic basis is relatively new. Plante comes from a rich background of investing. For about 25 years, he slowly explored new technology businesses and invested in promising enterprises. His two main disciplines were technology and biotechnology.

His background placed Plante in an interesting position. His entire goal was to found or redirect promising businesses, get them moving, and move along himself. He invested his time and energy in leading scientific principles that hoped to better the world. But, he had to eventually move on, creating the basis of his entire career.

Through this, he helped re-establish influential enterprises in the scientific community. One of the first was Beltronics. The company developed high-performance millimeter wave radar safety systems. But, due to a number of factors both internal and not, the company struggled. Within a year, Plante carried the company back into profitability through a new popular line.

E-Band Communications

The second major step was his massive project, E-Band Communications. The company was responsible for the first multigigabit capacity 7080 GHz band communications links. This may seem like another language to many, but the core technology was highly influential for mobile transference and fiber optics.

Plante has retained his love for technology and projects with a purpose. His nearly 10-year development of Pathway Genetics could be considered his lifetime achievement and focus for the remainder of his life. He recently left the project after it redefined the accessibility of genetic information at a global level.

The company greatly enhanced an individuals ability to get diagnosed for genetic illnesses and the doctor’s ability to accurately test and act on the diagnosis. This diminished the global impact of genetic diseases. With even this project, Plante set the wheels in motion and moved on to do good elsewhere.

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